What is the GAMEAZY Guarantee?

All purchases made on GAMEAZY are protected for free, and our GAMEAZY Guarantee ensures that you get the item as described or your money back.

Buyers can use the GAMEAZY Guarantee when:

  1. They don't receive an item
  2. They receive an item that does not work
  3. They receive an item that doesn't match the listing description

Most sellers work with buyers to quickly resolve issues, but if a solution isn't reached, we can help.

DO NOT complete the transaction if you have received an item that is not working or as described. By completing the transaction, you are accepting the item and finalizing the transaction. Once a transaction has been finalized and completed, there are absolutely no returns or refunds.

Please do the following if the delivered item is not as described or not working:

  1. Contact the Seller and let them know the issue, what happened and the means of returning the item and/or on another outcome that you and the seller agree upon.
  2. If a solution isn't reached or can't contact a seller then go to the "Refund Order" link. This will create a refund order section in which you will need to specify the issue you are having, followed by a brief explanation of the situation.
  3. This will take 3-days to allow GAMEAZY support to review your case and assist you in the resolution of the transaction. If we need more information to validate your claim, we'll email you asking for specific information to do so. Once we are able to verify that the item falls under our GAMEAZY Buyer Guarantee or any other resolution between you and the Seller, we'll authorize the refund of the purchase.

What is not covered

  1. All the physical items "Transactions performed outside of our platform” are strictly prohibited by our terms of use" like a console, computers/parts, CDs, accessories, etc.
  2. Buyers that have completed the transaction, agreeing to have received and verified the item.
  3. Buyer's remorse or any reason other than not receiving an item, receiving an item that isn't as described in the listing or not working.
  4. Transactions performed outside of our platform are strictly prohibited by our Terms of Use and will not be covered by our Buyer Protection Guarantee.

Refunds to buyers

All refunds will be made in the exact amount and payment method the original transaction was processed. Please see the following for more information on how refunds work.
When you cancel your transaction, we will submit the cancellation immediately. Depending on the payment method you use, it could take up to 14 days to process.
This is because some issuing banks do not finalize the cancellation process until the payment authorization expires which may be up to 14 days. In most cases, the re-transferring money fee will be cut from the original amount you payed.
If you used any payment method available on the GAMEAZY platform, the funds may go back to your card or the re-transfer money fee may be removed from your statement.

Other terms

  1. The Buyer will have 3 days from the item being marked as received to submit a refund under the GAMEAZY Guarantee.
  2. If we do not receive any requested information within 7 days from the Buyer, the claim can be denied and the GAMEAZY Guarantee forfeited in the result of not providing enough evidence to validate the dispute. Not replying to any email within the noted time frame can also deem that the issue has been resolved and can result in the dispute being lifted.
  3. Buyers and sellers permit us to make final decisions about all cases, including appeals.
  4. We may provide buyers and sellers with access to each other's names, and contact information relating to a request.
  5. The GAMEAZY Guarantee is not a product warranty.